Coima cooperate with IT solutions and technology providers, which are confluent with principles of Industry 4.0. We select the best partners from all over the world that can bring many opportunities and added values for Polish manufacturers.

Our partners

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Sorma was founded in 1980 as a consulting company with the aim of combining two core concepts: organization and software with the scope of building a unique corporate project. With this objective, Sorma developed Si5, a highly organizational ERP system capable of guaranteeing a true competitive advantage to its clients by helping the company to improve both management processes and organization by simultaneously supporting operations management as well as strategic decision-making. The project is renowned for the significant results achieved by satisfied customers in the world market.

The company operates in Poland, China, Mexico, USA, Italy, Spain and all over the world. In Poland Si5 solution is used by following manufacturing companies: Bitron Group, T&P Polska, Denso, Delfo, Algo, Sews Cabind Poland.

Si5 solution is dedicated for manufacturing industry, including such branches: automotive, household appliances, aerospace, pharma and other.

Si5 is a multi-platform and multi-language system for multi-plant enterprises. The software produced by Sorma is very elastic and can be used by over a dozen and up to several thousand of users, thanks to its highly-parametric installation. Beside of classic functionalities of an ERP, the system is extended by CRM, BI, DMS and dedicated portals for contact with customers and suppliers.

The solution of an italian producer include modules for improvement of following areas:

  • Manufacturing processes management
  • Warehouse and logistics management
  • Supply chain management
  • Commercial management – sales and purchases
  • Administration and finance management

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The company ORSOFT was founded in 1990 in Leipzig, Germany and is concentrated on solutions for production and supply chain planning and scheduling. The solutions are dedicated to SAP ERP system.

The system Manufacturing Workbench created by ORSOFT is used in over 90 enterprises all over the world, in : Russia, Bulgaria, USA, China and other countries. In Poland the solution is used by companies – Lisner and Zentis.

The producer provides the solution for different types of industry, including: chemical, food and beverages, automotive, pharmaceutical and more.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench follows the principles of advanced planning and scheduling and offers interactive, simultaneous multi-resource planning, allowing the planning scenarios to be simulated and optimised.

Both dialogue-orientated, gradual improvements of plans using heuristics and algorithms and mathematical solver-based optimisation processes are used.

ORSOFT’s APS software solutions are based on a standard system with a user-specific shell that is the basis for tailored, individual planning solutions. These individual solutions will be fully maintained within the user shell.

Main functionalities of ORSOFT GmbH soutions:

  • Strategic simulation
  • Demand planning
  • Rough Cut Planning/ Capacity planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • LabScheduling
  • Master Data Management
  • Workflow Management

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Hermes Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in innovative technological solutions, Application Maintenance services and process consulting in the Manufacturing field. The company operates as a System Integrator between ERP level and Shop Floor solutions, for a 360° management of production activities inside the factory, guaranteeing that customers achieve their business objectives.

The company is organized in two distinct locations:

1.) Hermes Reply Polska has the headquarter in Katowice;

2.) Hermes Reply in Italy has the headquarter in Italy (Turin).

The main areas where Hermes Reply Polska operates since 2011 are the following:

• TURN KEY PROJECTS Implementation of IT solutions dedicated to the management of production processes (Planning & Control, Manufacturing Operations Management, Execution, Quality, Shop Floor Integration, Suppliers Management) using both market ready, as well as customized solutions, built according to specific customer requirements.

• BUSINESS CONSULTING Customer support in the implementation and adoption of IT solutions: As-Is analysis, Requirements identification, To-be definition, within the scope of process analysis and functional analysis activities.

• SUPPORT SERVICES Provision of specialized first, second and third level Application Maintenance, for production plants and manufacturing facilities. A consolidated management methodology, dedicated Service Maintenance tools and varying Service Agreement levels delivered 24×7, complete the team’s technological and process oriented expertise, in order to guarantee a reliable and quality service. Hermes Reply is a valuable partner of customers within Automotive, OEM and discrete manufacturing industries, with a strong focus on Industry 4.0 initiatives and delivery of new generation IT Manufacturing solutions based on on Cloud, IoT and Human Machine Interface technologies.

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